5 Must-Dos to Become Financially F.I.T.

Date: 2022-04-12

Time: 20:00

Most of us know the steps to physical fitness is eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and managing stress.  But how does one’s finances become Financially F.I.T.?

F.I.T. is our acronym for 3 key areas in financial planning that you need to get right on your road to becoming Financially FIT.

F – Financial Management. We start with the big picture of goals and financial direction. Our planning tools, like a rapid test, helps you discover quickly what your financial freedom number looks like for you. Add good financial habits, and you are on your way to building financial muscle!

I – Insurance Planning. On your journey to developing financial muscle, you need “cushions” to help reduce the blow of life’s unexpected events and give you and your family time to get back on your feet. Balancing need with budget is key.

T – Transfer of Wealth (& Wishes). The only certainty in life is death. When we leave this world, we do not just leave behind “things” but Wealth and Wishes. Planning your gifting makes the gift more meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Join our webinar and jump start your financial fitness by exercising the 5 Must-dos to become financially F.I.T.!


5 Must-Dos to Become Financially F.I.T.
Gary Lim
Financial Advisory Director
- Over 25 years of industry experience - Spoken at numerous seminars and talks - Lectured for Singapore Chartered Financial Consultant course. - A Gallup certified Strength Coach Gary believes that everyone can master their finances through financial education, and by practicing sustainable financial habits in order to achieve their goals. We all know the importance of being physically fit, but what does it mean to be financially fit? Let Gary share with us how we can make our finances ……FIT!