Financial Freedom Make Easy

Date: 2021-10-26

Time: 20:00

Has your financial freedom journey started? If yes, where are you now? If no, what’s stopping you from starting?

But what is the definition of financial freedom?

– I do not wish to worry about retrenchment.
– I like to travel around the world without worrying about finances
– I do not want to be a financial burden to my love ones
– I want to do my dream job
– I do not want to worry about money

These are some qualitative definitions of financial freedom.
What are some of yours?

Although there are so many different qualitative version of financial freedom, in order to reach financial freedom, you have to turn them into numbers and there is only one universal quantitative version of financial freedom.

In this webinar, I look forward to share with you about your quantitative version of financial freedom so that you have clarity in where you are now and how you can work towards your future financial independence.


Financial Freedom Make Easy
Lawrence Koh
Associate Director
As wealth optimisation specialist for the last 12 years, I enjoyed the role of helping my clients to identify and prioritise their future financial outcome and to source for the most suitable financial institutions to meet their financial goals, advising them about the pros and cons of each proposed solution and empower them to make an informed decision and take ownership, control of the management of their personal financial portfolio to achieve financial freedom.