How Much is Your Body Worth?

Date: 2021-09-28

Time: 20:00

How much do you price your own body? And correspondingly, then how much attention and care do you place into it?

And if one can manage 1 aspect of their health and this aspect can help to overcome more than 70% of illnesses that human is facing (non Covid19, though), which would that be?

Join us for our webinar on How Much Our Body is worth. This is a health awareness talk and sharing.


How Much is Your Body Worth?
Jessie Chan
Tree of Life Academy
Jessie Chan has over 20 years of experience in working with talents around the world on the personal development and self-accountability skills necessary to excel at work and in life. Through her years of working in the MNC and listed company with vast reach-outs to clients and counterparts globally, she has garnered skills and experiences in communicating and coaching others for results. Her switch to focus her expertise and experience into Lifestyle Coaching, was caused by a Life Changing event. An event that changed her perspective in Life and Importance of Balanced Nutrition and Lifestyle, for herself and for her family. Hence, leveraging on her strength in coaching for performance and result orientated approach, she now works with corporate clients, individuals and families in establishing sustainable, healthier active lifestyle. Key to her successes in Lifestyle Coaching is her approach that is made easy to practise, proven, practical and sustainable. Her mission is to inspire others globally to achieve their peak potentials in their respective health and life mission, through healthy, active lifestyle and self accountability.