Investing in Digital Assets

Date: 2022-04-26

Time: 20:00

Cryptocurrencies have undergone a volatile period recently but little has changed the view that we are witnessing the birth of a new asset class. Correspondingly in recent months there have been growing interest from our clients with respect to digital assets.

This webinar is designed to help provide clients with a basic understanding of what this asset class is all about. We will look into what is blockchain and why blockchain is the linch pin that has allowed this asset class to emerge. We will also look at the use case of various cryptos and why it’s a misconception to look at them as currencies but instead, they maybe more akin to small cap tech stocks.

We will also look into what are the available instruments investors can use to gain an exposure into this fast growing asset class and the risks that comes along with it.


Investing in Digital Assets
Sani Hamid
Director, Wealth Management, Financial Alliance Pte Ltd
Mr. Sani Hamid has around 30 years of working experience in the financial markets. He has worked for companies such as S&P MMS where he led a team of analysts covering Emerging Asian economies; BNP Paribas peregrine as a senior economist; and S&P Ratings as a sovereign analyst overseeing the ratings of countries such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Singapore. He has been widely quoted in the media throughout his career and has spoken at numerous international seminars on a wide range of topics.