Protecting your Maternity and your Child

Date: 2021-09-14

Time: 20:00

Insurance coverage has evolved over time, and not all are equal. With the right solutions, you can give your child a head start with insurance that can be transferred to your child after birth, as well as securing hospitalization coverage for your child. Understand your options to get protected for your pregnancy and safeguard your children’s future through proper maternity insurance coverage.


Protecting your Maternity and your Child
Page Neo
Senior Consultant Representing Financial Alliance Pte Ltd
Having 9 years in the financial planning industry, Page is currently a Senior Consultant with Financial Alliance Pte. Ltd. He prides himself as being an independent representative, recommending solutions that are in the client’s best interest. Page has special interest in the area of maternity and children’s insurance coverage. This was because he has a medical condition that severely impacts his own insurance eligibility and would not want the same fate to befall young children. Recently becoming a father too, Page is very well versed with the insurance options for maternity and young children coverage, and he’s excited to share his knowledge on what he’s passionate about.