Retire Retirement and live happily ever after

Date: 2022-03-22

Time: 20:00

Retired life is different to different people. What will yours look like? Will your retirement be a time for more fulfilling experiences, or a time for greater anxiety over paying for the next meal or for medical attention?

Join us at our upcoming webinar, where these 5 essential questions will be answered:

– What is Ageism and how it affect us?
– Can a dream retirement become a nightmare?
– Is it time to reframe retirement?
– What is work and how can work get better?
– How to construct a “Retire Retirement” model and live happily ever after?


Retire Retirement and live happily ever after
Tony Ong
Director, FAR Development, Financial Alliance Pte Ltd
Tony is married to ONE wife and have three adult children. He has been in the financial advisory business for nearly 30 years playing roles such as CEO, Director for Operation and Training. Tony holds the designation of Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Mortgage Analyst and Associate of Estate Planning Practitioner. He is a NeverTiree. He started running marathon at age 50 and has since completed 13 full marathons