Structuring an Optimal Investment Portfolio to Generate Stable Income During Retirement

Date: 2021-11-30

Time: 20:00

A lack of knowledge in structuring an investment portfolio when nearing retirement is a challenge many individuals face, especially when sufficient income needs to be generated to provide for expenses, whilst taking as little risk as possible.

This pre-retirement/retirement phase focuses on capital preservation instead of growth, but yield is still important for needs to be met.

In this webinar, John will go through a case study, detailing how an optimal portfolio can be structured to meet an individual’s tailored needs in retirement. Webinar attendees will gain an insight into the process and be equipped to make better decisions regarding their own investment portfolios.

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Structuring an Optimal Investment Portfolio to Generate Stable Income During Retirement
John Dasson
Associate Wealth Advisory Director
John is an experienced advisor with a strong focus in private wealth management. Over the past decade, he has advised many high-net-worth individuals and businesses in matters relating to their assets. John graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in both Finance and Accounting in 2010 from the University of Queensland. Since then, he has attained the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) accreditation as well as being certified ‘Institute of Banking and Finance Advanced’, along with passing the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 1 exam. He also attained an MBA with Distinction from the University of Manchester and holds an Advanced Certificate in Trust Services from Nanyang Technological University’s Wealth Management Institute. John has also been invited to speak at numerous conferences in the Asia-Pacific region on a wide range of topics relating to wealth management.